Creating a digital marketing strategy is an essential step in achieving your goals. But how do you create one? What are the steps involved? What information do you need to consider? This module provides you with a framework for creating a digital marketing strategy that focuses on your customers and consumers.

The module is taught by Andi Jarvis, a marketing consultant who developed this framework during his academic research in the UK and has used it commercially with over 100 companies across Europe. It explores the key questions you need to ask and provides a step by step approach to creating a digital marketing strategy that will perform for your business.

Course Curriculum

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  1. Strategy
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  2. Company
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  3. Customer
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  4. Foundation Review
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  5. Competition and Context
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  6. Competence and Content
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  7. Capital
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  8. Tactics and Planning
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Contents of the course

Strategy Fundamentals – Company and Customer

Company – Understand what your company’s value is, why your products (or services) stand out and what makes customers want to buy them. We look at how you are positioned and explore how that supports your marketing plans.

Customer – A deep understanding of your customers (or consumers) is essential to any marketing strategy. You will understand how to find who your idea customer is, what problems you solve for them and how you can communicate with them. All of this is backed up by digital analytics and research.

Internal and External Factors

External (Context & Competition) – Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum and understanding the competitive landscape helps to shape your proposition. The wider economic and political climate impacts all business, and this is factored in at this stage.

Internal (Competence & Content) – Every great digital marketing strategy is brought to life by the people in your organisation and you need to understand what skills gaps you have and the impact of them. You also need to find information and stories to tell potential customers that will let them connect with your company.

Capital, Objectives & Management

Capital – Investment is required to bring your strategy to life. This is measured against the activity the grows out of the first two stages.

Objectives – Setting objectives based on the key information that has surfaced throughout the process and ensuring they are relevant and achievable.

Management – Building a marketing operating system for your business that allows you to have visibility of what’s working, what’s not and adjust your course based on that information. Essential to making the digital marketing strategy a success.

Who Is This Module For?

This module has been developed for working professionals who want to use digital marketing to move their business forward.

  • Entrepreneurs who need to understand the opportunity that digital marketing offers
  • Business leaders and executives who are looking to scale up their digital marketing efforts
  • Owner / managers who want to meet their customers' needs digitally
  • Marketers and early career professionals who are looking to grow and develop their careers

How Will The Module Be Taught?

The course is an online course and is completed independently and entirely on your own schedule in the digital Teachable learning environment. You will also receive a certificate for the completed course.

After purchase, you have 4 months to complete the course.

Price and payment

The price of the course includes:

  • 9 different topics related to digital marketing
  • High quality video materials
  • Current reading related to the course topics
  • A certificate of completion of the course
  • Access to a comment forum with other participants and lecturer
  • Four-month access to materials

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Andi Jarvis

Andi is the Founder and Strategy Director of Eximo Marketing, a marketing strategy consultancy based in Belfast and Liverpool.

Eximo Marketing helps medium size businesses use marketing to grow their business. They also provide engaging and educational training for marketers across Europe.

Andi hosts the Strategy Sessions podcast, a fortnightly show that interviews some of the best marketers in the world and provides T.O.P.T.I.P.S for marketers.

He holds an MSc in Marketing and also runs a fundraising project, Friends Of with Barnardo's, where marketers volunteer to provide consultations to small businesses in return for a donation to support refugees.

You can find Andi on Twitter and LinkedIn.